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Erika Hastings

Why I Make Art


I love to transform spaces. There is something so invigorating about transforming a space and bringing a fresh life to it.

This is how I feel about art. It uplifts me, invigorates me and leaves me feeling renewed. When a new piece of art work enters my home, whether my own or a piece that I have purchased, it is as if a new child has been born and I can not take my eyes off of it. It fills me up. It makes me whole.

When I share my art with you and you bring it into your home, I hope that same sense of wonder fills it up and brings joy into your life.

About Erika


Erika Hastings is a Canadian Fine Artist best known for her vibrant acrylic and watercolour paintings that evoke a sense of joy and tranquility.

She has exhibited her work around the world, including a year long cross country traveling art exhibition throughout the United States and Canada. Her work is published in numerous magazines and in three publications, including the book, “Dreams for Peace.”

Erika has spent the last two decades intensively researching and studying alternative emotional and physical healing methods. She integrates all of her learning to create paintings that heal the physical body and surrounding environment.

Erika currently works an an artist, a healer and a homeschooling mother to her three children.

How Erika Paints


Erika paints in both acrylic and watercolor paintings. Her paintings are all created with the highest quality materials and designed to pass on from generation to generation.

Erika’s acrylic paintings are created using the techniques developed by the renaissance masters. She builds up the painting in a series of layers of transparent glazes and opaque veils. This creates a luminous effect and allows a brilliancy to shine out in the painting. The layering process create a depth and sense of intrigue. 

Erika is able to create a rich, deep color in her watercolor paintings by adding layer upon layer of paint. This creates a vibrant glow in her paintings, which is unusual for watercolors.




Erika studied fine art in Canada, graduating from the University of Victoria with a B.F.A. and a diploma from the Instituto Allende in Mexico. She received a B.Ed. and an M.A. from the University of British Columbia.

Erika worked for many years as a teacher in Canada, Mexico, Honduras and Brazil. Her painting style emerged from her time spent around the brilliant colours in Latin America.

She then completed her master’s degree in art education from the University of British Columbia where she researched and wrote a thesis entitled, “Creating Art as an Act of Prayer,” which awakened her ability to use art as a means for self-transformation.


Erika lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver, Canada

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Artist Resume


2016 Master Workshop with Artist Sharon Quirke

2016 Master Workshop with Artist Mike Svob

2015 Master Workshop with Artist David Langevin

2001-2003 Master of Arts, University of British Columbia

2000-2001 Bachelor of Education, University of British Columbia

1995-1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Victoria.

1997-1998 Fine Arts Diploma, Instituto Allende, Mexico



2017 Reflections on God’s Creation, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

2017 Let Your Vision Be World Embracing, Squamish, BC, Canada

2017 Bicentenary Celebration, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2005 Erika Hastings, Angela James Unlimited, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2003 Artropolis International Travelling Art Exhibition, Canada and the United States

2003 Artropolis 2003, CBC Broadcast Centre, Vancouver, Canada

2002 Astonishing Silences, Northwest Philosophy of Education Society 2002  Conference, Vancouver, Canada

2001 Artropolis 2001, CBC Broadcast Centre, Vancouver, Canada

2001 Artist as Teacher, Teacher as Artist, Scarfe Gallery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

2001 UBC Downtown Campus Opening, Robson Square, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

2000 Metaphors and Pedagogy, Scarfe Gallery, University of British Columbia,  Vancouver, Canada

1999 Sacred Spaces, Bahá’í Information Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada

1999 Honouring Our Elders, School of Nations, Brasilia, Brazil

1999 Hooray 2400, Visual Art Gallery, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

1999 Photography Exhibition, McPherson Art Gallery, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada

1998 Against the Grain, Visual Art Gallery, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

1998 In Celebration of Women, Rogue Gallery, Victoria, Canada

1996 Praxis Nexus, International Women’s Conference, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada



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Professional Experience

2010-2017 Homelearner Art Classes. Art classes for groups of homelearner students.

2017 Pranic Healing Volunteer. Weekly energy healing (Pranic Healing) at a free clinic in Vancouver, Canada.

2016 Meditation Instructor. Teaching groups of people how to meditate and connect to their intuition and access higher guidance.

2010-2015 Spiritual Development of Children Teacher. Weekly classes teaching spiritual development and virtues to children through arts, crafts and drama.

2007-2017 Homelearner Teacher. Teaching classes to groups of homelearning students.

2002 Including the Arts in Study Circles. Workshop series with Ruhi Institute facilitators, Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver, Canada.

2001-2003 Art Teacher. Elementary and high school art. Vancouver School Board, Vancouver, Canada

1999 Art Teacher. Elementary and high school art. School of Nations, Brasilia, Brazil.

1999 Art Curator. Organized a school wide art competition at the School of Nations, Brasilia, Brazil.

1996-1997 Art Educator. Brought original art works from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria into the public school art classes in order to promote a deeper appreciation and understanding of art and facilitate discussions.



2001 Brissenden Scholarship in Art Education, Brissenden Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

2001 University of British Columbia Scholarship, Vancouver, Canada

2001 Walter H. Gage Bursary, Walter H. Gage Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

2001 Dorothy M. Wallis Bursary, D. M. Wallis Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

New Work

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