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About this Painting

When you break our particles down to their smallest bits we are just energy bouncing excitedly around and connecting to everything else in the universe. This painting is about that invisible connection that have with all life. We are so deeply interconnected that once two particles have come in contact and are connected in some way, if they were to be separated and sent to opposites side of the planet, that connection would not be lost. In a process called Quantum Entanglement, if one of the particles changes, the other particle across the globe will instantly change in exactly the same way. In that same way when someone we are connected to is suffering, we feel their suffering. If they are happy, we will feel their joy. We are connected with invisible bonds like the branches that hold leaves together. We instantaneously bring happiness to others simply by being joyful ourselves.


Size 18″x24″
Materials Acrylic on Canvas
Price $860


Imagine if you had a daily reminder in your home that you are always connected to everything in the universe and that when you are happy, everyone connected to you becomes joyful as well. Bring home that beautiful reminder as a painting, art print or other art product with you today.

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Painting Features

This painting is a one of a kind, original acrylic painting on high quality canvas. The painting size is 18″x24″.

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