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Fired Up

About this Painting

In the fall, the leaves on some trees do not get enough food to survive which makes the green fade away and leaves a brilliant orange and yellow color behind. In some trees, in order to survive a little longer, they trap the food (glucose) into their leaves and this sweetness creates a dazzling scarlet red color. When we are run down, ill or stressed it is a sign that we are not nourishing our bodies and souls and have moved into survival mode. During this time, just like the maple leaves, it is our sweetness towards ourselves that can nourish us back to health. This sweetness towards ourselves allows us to set boundaries, create healthy habits and care for ourselves so that we can thrive and be of service to others. When we are filled with it, it gives us a feeling of being “Fired Up,” like the painting, and exploding with joy and energy.

Fired Up

Size 18″x24″
Materials Acrylic on Canvas
Price $860

Fired Up

Imagine if you had a daily reminder in your home that sweetness towards yourself can nourish your health and fill you with joy. Bring home that beautiful reminder as a painting, art print or other art product with you today.

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Painting Features

This painting is a one of a kind, original acrylic painting on high quality canvas. The painting size is 18″x24″.

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