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About this Painting

Snowberries are one of my favorite plants. In the springtime they blossom with gorgeous little white berries that look like delectable fluffy marshmallows. Like these magnificent snowberries, we can also develop the ability to metaphorically float in space and see all around us. When we move into a meditational space, which for many people can take various forms such as gardening, running, swimming, painting, yoga, playing the piano, or simply sitting quietly, we are no longer confined by time and space. Hours feel like minutes and a deep sense a of calm pervades us. This meditational space allows us to see ourselves and the reality of our lives more clearly and to move deeply with the rhythmic flow of life. When we move into this river, life flows smoothly and effortlessly. There is harmony in our soul.


Size 8″x10″
Materials Acrylic on Canvas
Price $170


Imagine if you had a daily reminder in your home that when you move into a meditational space, a deep harmony and come flow to your life. Bring home that beautiful reminder as a painting, art print or other art product with you today.

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Painting Features

This painting is a one of a kind, original acrylic painting on high quality canvas. The painting size is 8″x10″.

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